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Animal Talent Time® Agency Sydney is the culmination of our team’s many years of experience working with animals, training animals and working in the media industry.

For the founder, Ann Harris, it all began as a child volunteering in an animal shelter, rescuing animals, dog trialling, a dog demonstration team, events, media and TV appearances.  However, the key turning point came about when Ann followed her dream and created a mobile farm with her large array of family pets.  In addition to customers getting up close with the animals Ann used her training skills to train a variety of different animals to perform as part of an ‘animal show’.

The animals in the mobile farm became sought after for media work, and it wasn’t just because of their high level of skills and their good looks, it had a lot to do with their happy, friendly personalities and their ability to perform under pressure.  This led to the creation of an ancillary animal talent agency business.

Being on set can be chaotic, there are lots of people, lights and flashing cameras and it takes a special pet to be able to focus and work well in this type of environment.  For the mobile farm pets ‘going out is fun and full of treats’ and if an animal is having a great time it shows through in their performance.  So it is a win win situation, the animals are happy and so are the producers!

It soon became obvious that even with the agencies own 40 talented pets, we couldn’t always provide a client with the specific animal they required for their production, so we invited other committed pet owners and their pets to register with us.  Animal Talent Time® Agency Sydney now has a large data base of talented animals and the data base continues to grow.

Some jobs require more experienced animals than others, and the Animal Talent Time® team is honest and upfront with a client about an animal’s capabilities.  Some animal actors have undergone countless hours of ‘training and conditioning’ and this background training often saves a client time and money.

A talented animal actor is just part of the equation, a successful job also requires experienced trainer/wranglers who genuinely care for the animals and with whom they have a mutually good working relationship.  Behind the scenes the office staff are also just as important as they look after animal registrations, update data bases with animal skills, update the website, liaise with clients and generally keep things running smoothly.

So for your next production, promotion or event please give us a call. We love a challenge, and would be grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Kind regards,

The Animal Talent Time® Team

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