Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about either Animal Talent Time Sydney or Animal Actors in general and provide the answers here.

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How well trained does my pet have to be?

Your pet can never be too well trained for this industry. To be considered for television, film, photo shoots, theatre, print, promotions and live events, your pet needs to have at least basic obedience and should be comfortable in unusual situations. Cameras, lights, heat from lights, flashes, set noise, crowded sets and studio flooring (ie. different surfaces) create unusual environments and exposure to these situations at a young age is highly advantageous as these animals will often make better animal actors. A wonderful temperament, a high level of obedience and an ability to be relaxed in situations that are often noisy and crowded will be a bonus for your chances of obtaining work. Your pet needs to be well groomed and comfortable being handled by actors and trainers or wranglers.

Will my animal appear on your website?

All animals registered with Animal Talent Time will be placed on our database, however, it is at the discretion of Animal Talent Time which animals will appear on the website. Further information is available in the Terms and Conditions which can be found on our Animal Talent Time website at Terms & Conditions.

What are the most popular breed of dogs used in film?

We have found the most popular breed of dogs used in films, television and commercials to be Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies and Jack Russell Terriers, however, scripts can ask for ‘scruffy’ looking dogs …… it just depends on the ‘look’ they want to achieve.

I have the cutest pet ….. what are the chances of him/her becoming a star?

Most directors are after a certain ‘look’, however, your animal must have at least basic obedience and a temperament to maintain focus in distracting and unusual environments. ‘Looks can only get you so far .…’

How do we know the animals are treated well and work under safe conditions on set?

Our first priority at Animal Talent Time is the safety and wellbeing of your pet. We adhere to the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals in Films and Theatrical Performances.

How much money can an animal actor make?

We have found most animals work for food but their owners are more inclined to want cash! There is no set schedule of fees. The remuneration depends on quite a few factors …. the budget of the production, the animal’s experience and level of skill and the time on set. All these variables affect the fee schedule.

What are the chances my pet will get a job?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. It’s a bit like in the world of human acting, there are a lot of talented pets applying for limited positions. However, by registering your pet with Animal Talent Time you will be placed on our database and your pet will be promoted to clients when your pet’s looks and skills match the client’s brief. The client will then make the final decision on which pet is successful.

Is there a registration fee?

There is a once off registration fee of $50.00.

What are the various jobs animal actors do?

The requests for animals and the requirements for a job is only limited by a director’s imagination. The mediums range from television, film, photo shoots, theatre, print, promotions, live events, advertising, music videos, corporate events …. the list goes on!

Does my animal need to work well with other animals on set?

It is an advantage if your animal can be in close proximity to other animals. On many occasions, your pet may be required to share the spotlight with other animals.

What other animals can work in the industry other than dogs and cats?

There is unlimited potential for all types of animals. Dogs and cats being the most common; however, horses, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, reptiles, lambs, ducks …… are all used as animal actors.

Are there any health requirements for my animal?

If your animal is shortlisted for a job, we will require current health certificates from your vet. The basic requirements are: healthy, no flees, up to date with vaccinations and regular worming treatment, and free from having any contagious diseases.

To sum up……

If your pet is well mannered, well trained, well groomed, happy, healthy and comfortable in distracting environments (as mentioned above), this will enhance your pet’s opportunities for success in this industry.

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