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Animal Talent Time Agency Sydney Registration

Welcome to Animal Talent Time Agency Sydney’s registration page, here are a few things you need to know before completing this form.

  • We require you to submit an excellent quality photo of your pet as per the example below.
  • We charge a one off registration fee of $50.00 per pet to include your pet’s details and photo on our database.  With regards to dogs we also send you another link so that we can get a good understanding of your dog’s skill level.
    Please Note: This registration fee does not cover uploading your pet’s photo to our website, only a selected number of pet photos will appear and this is at the discretion of Animal Talent Time.
  • By registering with us we cannot guarantee that your pet will receive an engagement.  Pets who are well socialised, comfortable working in unfamiliar environments, and well trained, have a higher chance of obtaining work.  As the old saying goes “looks aren’t everything”.
  • The majority of our work is in and around Sydney.
  • If a production company shows interest in your pet, and we are not already familiar with your pet, your pet will be required to pass an audition.
  • Upon request you will need to provide us with proof of your pet’s up to date vaccinations/titre, general health and wellbeing.  We may also request a short video of your pet and his/her skills.
  • Your pet will need to competently, and in a distracting environment, perform the skills listed on your registration form.
  • Your pet must have a friendly disposition and be well socialised. If your pet is nervous, nippy, aggressive, unhealthy or unhappy please do not apply.
  • Travel to and from auditions, castings and engagements is at your own expense.
  • Please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Dogs will need to be able to perform basic obedience in a noisy and distracting environment such as sit/stay, drop/down/stay, come when called and stand/stay.  Tricks are not essential but considered advantageous, higher level obedience and speaking on command are also an advantage.  A trained and well socialised dog has a much higher chance of obtaining work.

Cats need to be comfortable outside of their home environment. A trained cat has a much higher chance of obtaining work.

Other pets need to be comfortable outside of their home environment and have a friendly disposition.  Please contact us for more details.

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If you have any further questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

We look forward to your registration and wish you good luck with your pet’s submission.

Please note we are based in SYDNEY and most of our work is in Sydney.  Interstate owners please call us prior to registering.

Are you from Interstate, i.e. WA, SA, NT, QLD, VIC, TAS - if so please contact us prior to completing the registration form
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Dog Skills - Is your dog comfortable in unfamiliar environments, noisy and busy environments and around cameras and lighting?:*
Dog Skills - Is your dog currently, or has your dog previously attended Puppy Classes, Club Obedience Schools, Private Dog Training Classes?:*
If you answered "Yes" to Dog Training above, please provide details:
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Experience and Training Skills if any please specifically list skills or tricks your Pet can perform:
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Information on correct photo requirement

(a) Front view with a plain background (eg. light coloured wall or grassy area) and free of any other objects in the photo.
(b) Size 1Mb or smaller.
(c) Attach the photo as a JPEG

If you have a professional photograph this is the preferred option for us to send through to a potential client.



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